Monday, June 11, 2007

One Million Dollars in One Year

With all the resurgence of interest in self help and spirituality, I have had a lot of contact from people questioning the substance of these teachings.

A few weeks ago, a young man named Josh approached me and said could he come and chat. I of course said yes and on our first meeting, the quick chat lasted almost four hours.

Josh seemed very attuned to what we were discussing, but he kept saying how can we test all this information. Quite rightly he was saying that all the writings were from people who had actually had successes, and these successes, in part could have been attributed to other things.

He wanted to create happiness and wealth from a standing start and monitor his progress. Initially I was a bit reticent, because he wanted me to mentor him, and it would be a reflection on me if everything did not pan out as he was planning.

Over the next few weeks we talked at length and discussed various things, the main thing I learnt was that Josh was very receptive to this knowledge and was applying it without question. I suggested that he just accept what he was told at face value and if he wanted to do deeper research at a later date that was fine.

Out of the blue a week or so ago, Josh announced that he wanted to have the challenge of making, one million dollars in one year. How could I dampen his spirits, after all I was the one who told him that he can have and do anything, provided he believed. Personally I have never put any time lines on an affirmation, but he insisted that he knew he could do it.

I have committed to advising Josh through his challenge, and have a very good feeling about the outcome.

If you want to follow Josh's story go to

Check in regularly and see how he creates One million dollars worth of tangible assests in one year. By the way, Josh is living with his parents and $20.000 in debt.

Should be very interesting, applying all the teachings without question and seeing what he can do.

My philosophy is Wherever HAPPINESS goes SUCCESS and WEALTH will follow

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