Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ready to Die: Suicidal Thoughts Among Young, Black Males

I learned some annihilating news respective hours ago. Randy Parker, the boy of the great MC/teacher/activist KRS-One died in an evident suicide. I was basically raised on the music and instructions of KRS-One and Boogie Down Productions. I considered KRS-One to be one of Hip-Hop's top MCs and I have got huge regard for him. My commiserations travels out to him, his married woman and his full family.

This calamity compelled me to compose about self-destruction and depression among immature achromatic males. I have got gone through turns of depression in my life. I didn't turn up mediocre but I was raised by a hard-working single female parent who struggled at modern times to supply for me during a important part of my childhood. I've battled feelings of anger, resentment and hate toward my father for as long as I can remember. That, along with other experiences in my life, made me depressed, even self-destructive at times.

I never talked much with anybody about my time periods of depression. I kept my feelings bottled up inside of me. On the surface I was a normal every twenty-four hours cat but deep down I was suffering. Being young, achromatic and male, I always felt that I had to be "strong", I had to be tough. Though it's never stated, it looks like common cognition in the achromatic community that achromatic work force don't acquire depressed, right? In malice of the struggles, owed to both physical environment and/or psychological issues, we're calm just too cool and too tough to ever actually see suicide, right?


Depression and self-destruction is existent within the lives of achromatic men. There necessitates to be more than treatment and outreach around these issues that are annihilating and cutting short the lives of many achromatic men. Depression and self-destruction are yet two more than issues that tin be exposed and explored through the medium of Hip-Hop music and other word forms of Hip-Hop expression.

"Suicidal Thoughts" by the late, great Ill-Famed B.I.G. is a personal, graphic and superb song about a immature achromatic man, surrounded by poverty, who combats with his interior demons, contemplating suicide. Ill-Famed B.I.G. was a masterful narrator and the experiences and feelings that he rimes about in Self-Destructive Thoughts may be a work of fiction and yet they are very existent for many of us.

When you believe about the epidemics that immature achromatic males face; law-breaking and terrible punishment, deficiency of quality education, deficiency of employment opportunities, racism, discrimination, racial profiling, police force brutality, animus and bitterness by or directed toward achromatic women and the aged generation, growing up fatherless, absent from their ain children's lives, the conflict with ego to make good versus evil, AIDS, drugs, violence…..

It looks highly likely to happen immature achromatic males all over United States who are depressed and suicidal!

The tragical self-destruction of the boy of one of Hip-Hop's top and most well-thought-of MCs gives the Hip-Hop coevals an chance to convey consciousness to the issue of depression and self-destruction by immature achromatic & brownish males (and females) who turn up within Hip-Hop culture. Hip-Hop have always told the often rough worlds of the lives of the youth. Hip-Hop can expose depression and self-destruction in the unrecordeds of its young person and more than importantly it can lend to ending despair, giving hope, and ultimately-saving lives before it's too late.

Randy Hubbard Charlie Parker and to all of the other blood brothers who have got struggled with depression and whose lives tragically ended far too soon…. Rest in Peace.

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