Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It Happens Now

Seasons Greetings,

Another twelvemonth have come up and gone.

If you are of the little age grouping you will probably acknowledge to the
transition of clip as being slow. Ye of the aged clip framework will agree that clip looks to process to
a rather rapid beat. No substance what our disposition - clip is measured in exact
proportions. It can be measured in mathematical footing and it can be described in
philosophical phrases.

No substance how we take to see the moments, the hours, old age or
years we cannot flight the inevitable fact that there is only the
contiguous 'NOW' in which to take and act. There is no tomorrow, later, maybe, whenever, is a sequence of NOW's.

During my preparation with the distinguished K.S. Jaffrey Iodine was affectionate of
asking the inquiry 'Why?'

Mr. Jaffrey fielded my inquiries with a paternal forbearance and
guided me toward a more than favourable apprehension of the principles
of natural life and natural healing - which included an
apprehension of the laws of nature as they pertain to our

However, there was a clip when he looked me in the oculus and said -
'You cognize immature fellow, you inquire a batch of 'why' questions. What you
should really be focused on is asking 'what make I make - NOW.'

It have been many old age since the passing play of Mr. Jaffrey but his
words stay as a metronome within my subconscious. And so it is with a affectionate memory of the past and a ardent desire
for the hereafter that I wish you all the best in coming to footing with
your ain 'NOW.'

Have a safe and happy vacation season and may the new twelvemonth provide
you with all the chances to carry through your dreams.

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