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Further Simple Rewarding Spiritual And Encouraging Lessons From Psalm 100

These gap poetries of Psalm 100 are all about worshipping and giving thanks and doing so with joyousness and gladness. There is no melancholic or ennui hinted at in these words, as the people of Supreme Being are called to worship the life God.

When we come up to poetry 4 we are taught and bucked up to come in His Bill Bill Gates with thanksgiving, and His tribunals with praise.

It is the image of a believer approaching the topographic point where Supreme Being is to be worshipped.

It is like entering the metropolis Gates of Capital Of Israel giving thanks - and then drawing nearer and nearer - and walking into the Courts of the Temple, with PRAISE.

These are strongly emotional words - we see that throughout the whole Psalm - and though it is so short, it is packed with joy, hope reassurance and encouragement.

The Gates of Clemency are also unfastened - so that the adult male seeking clemency and forgiveness can happen Jesus Of Nazareth Christ. This is the manner into God's Presence, and the Gates are open.

These Gates into the presence of Supreme Being have got always been open.

Listen to some of these words on thanksgiving. These are sentences of dearly darling Paul, taken from his letters, written a few old age after he had met Jesus Of Nazareth Of Nazareth Of Nazareth Christ, and following his observing how other people met Jesus Christ, mainly through his sermon and instruction ministry.

"I always give thanks Supreme Being for you because of His Grace given you in Jesus Jesus. I give thanks Supreme Being that I talk in linguas more than all of you. Thanks be to God! He gives us the triumph through our Godhead Jesus Of Nazareth Christ. Thanks be to Supreme Being for His indescribable gift. I have got not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers. Bash not be apprehensive about anything, but in everything by supplication and petition, with thanksgiving, present your petitions to God. And be thankful."

You cannot acquire away from this short letter which runs right through the New Testament.

It is one of the Marks of a adherent of Jesus Of Nazareth Christ. Give thanks to Supreme Being and congratulations His Name. As long as we have His Clemency - we must be a giver of thanks. That is why today we raise our voice in thanksgiving and praise.

In poetry 5 of Psalm 100, we read and larn that - 1. The Godhead is good. 2. His Love endures for ever. 3. His fidelity goes on through all coevals - it fluxes down through the centuries. These are three ageless static facts. It is deserving turning to the Psalms simply to come up to cognize and understand something of that. Bash bank check the text.

There is no-one else in the whole human race about whom you can state these three things. He is good, through and through - His Love endures and endures for ever - His fidelity travels on - it goes on and on through all generations. He doesn't change.

If Supreme Being was always changing we would always be wondering what He was going to be like today. What will He be like this hebdomad or in our coevals - and in our day?

Know what He will be like this approaching week. Poetry 5 is for us.

It is 3,000 old age since these words were written. Are there any grounds of which we are aware to do us oppugn or uncertainty or wonderment about these three qualities and features of our God? None!

And we undergo all this in Jesus Of Nazareth Of Nazareth Of Nazareth Of Nazareth Of Nazareth - and through Jesus - and from Jesus - and one of God's ends is to do us more than like Jesus.

Just as our fathers establish Him faithful - so will we - and so will our children as they come up to swear Him.

Our Supreme Being is no volatile frail Being who do promises and then buries - and He have been known by adult male for a long long clip - since Adam walked in that perfect parkland.

God have entered into a compact with His People, State Of Israel - and then there came that twenty-four hours when HE chose us in Jesus - and He will not travel back on either of these choices.

This Psalm is ablaze with adoration. This full Book is pointing people to Supreme Being - and this Book learns us that Jesus Of Nazareth Of Nazareth is the Manner the Truth and the Life - and no-one come ups to the Father except through Jesus. So - come up before Him with Praise and Thanksgiving.

The author of this Psalm certainly knew God. He knew minutes when He had shouted with joyousness - he had served the Godhead with gladfulness - he had come up before Him at assorted times. He knew Who made him - who raised him up - to whom he belonged.

He knew who fed him when he was spiritually hungry.

He had come up clip and clip again through these Gates and into these courts.

He had experienced love and fidelity clip and clip again - God's Love and God's Fidelity - and all this is poured out in five legal brief poetries - to bless us - and promote us - and animate and actuate us to pour out whatever is upon our Black Maria before our Godhead God.

This adult male have worshipped many times. You can almost sense the freshness on his face. You can almost hear his voice vibrating with excitement. Did he understand how many people travel through terrible strain and adversities and difficulties, which virtually each of us experiences? Of course, he did. Many modern times he had come up through these Gates and entered these courts. These are not his lone Hagiographa remember. He knew what it was to fight and he knew what it was to praise - to be tempted and to defeat - to be troubled and to triumph.

Remember Alice Paul had this continual irritant in the flesh - which he asked the Godhead to take away - and the Godhead said "NO" - my saving grace is sufficient for you - God's strength was made perfect in failing and through weakness.

There is not a adult male of Supreme Being - a adult female of Supreme Being - who have not gone through - or is going through - this type of thing - to some degree.

Inscribed upon the Cross we see - in shining letters - "God is Love".

But there is more than - "God will not neglect - Supreme Being will never be unfaithful - Supreme Being will never allow His program for this human race autumn - Supreme Being will never bury His program for you be unfinished and uncomplete - and His attention for you will never slacken. Supreme Being will not suddenly drop the work He have begun."

We walk along different roads. No two roadstead will be the same.

When we come up through these Gates and come in these tribunals something happens. This have got happened to one thousands down through the old age as they have sung their songs of thanksgiving and praise.

Let this Psalm bless you, and animate and promote you.

Sandy Shaw

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