Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What Did You Learn From Your Year-in-Review?

As One looked back over 2007 during my "year-in-review", I realized that 2007 was a really large growing twelvemonth for me. Through my successes and a whole batch of failures, I learned a clump of material that made me a better instructor, coach, and human being. I took a batch of stairway with "blind faith" and, on most occasions, came out of the state of affairs in good shape.

Unfortunately, there were some occasions where "blind faith" led me off a drop and I had to pay the terms for not knowing the drop was there. But in malice of it all, I appreciate every end that I made for myself at the beginning of 2007, every end that was attempted and succeeded, and those ends that were attempted and came up short. And with every high (and low) that I've experienced last year, I'm grateful for the results because they taught me of import lessons and have got me prepared for my ends in 2008.

Now, some of you may be reading this and trying to calculate out exactly what point (if any) I'm trying to make. Well, here's the point in the word form of respective questions.

How did you complete 2007 and how have it prepared you for 2008? Did you complete 2007 with tons of good impulse that have you looking forward to an exciting twelvemonth of alteration and success? Or did you drag
yourself through last twelvemonth and anticipate more than of the same this year? Were you successful in doing the things that you always wanted to do, ran into the people that you've always wanted to meet, or seen the
topographic points that you've always wanted to see last year? And if you didn't make the things you wanted to do, what's going to maintain history from repeating itself this year?

Each twelvemonth that bases on balls conveys us closer to that inevitable day of the month with our ain mortality. Older folks don't like to speak about it and little folks believe they're going to dwell forever. But the world is that we're all going 1 twenty-four hours and how we dwell those years leading up to our departure is our determination to make. So, if you don't desire more than of what you had last year, do a year-in-review of your life and make the alterations now....cause no 1 guaranteed there will be a adjacent year!

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