Monday, August 6, 2007

Are You Willing To "Do The Hard?"

Are you willing to "do the hard?" "Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore acquire wisdom: and with all thy getting acquire understanding."

--Proverbs 4:7 (KJV) The Science of Success is the Power of Understanding. Understanding makes not vouch you a care-free or easy life. Understanding warrants you that when the challenges come, you'll be able to detect and recognize what's occurring. This wisdom will let you to go on and win much more than joyfully and rapidly.

If you're unwilling to make the hard, you'll never accomplish greatness. Let's hold on one thing this week: Life is hard! You must be willing and able to "do the hard" if you are going to accomplish the high that very few attain. I often inquire my audiences, "If I state you exactly what you must make to make Harmonic Wealth® inch your life, volition you make it?" Most quickly answer, "Yes." Most reply that they will take the necessary action, but realistically very few will "do the hard."

During my travels, I ran into and talk with all sorts of people experiencing troubles in their life. Many have got human relationship that are ending and transitioning. Many are faced with fiscal difficulty. Even more than experience uncertainness and unrest. Are this cogent evidence that our human race is "going to Hell in a manus basket?" Hardly.

With the wisdom to understand, you recognize that this is the birth of new life. For anything to live, something first must die. The decease is the difficult part, isn't it? What the caterpillar phone calls decease is new life and chance for the butterfly lying deep within.

Easy? Once again, hardly. If wealth, fulfillment, felicity and awakening were easy to obtain, then everyone would accomplish them. But with the Power of Understanding, you have got the ability to acknowledge what is happening. To observe and act versus react.

Are you up to the challenge?

Are you willing to follow your bosom when every cell of your beingness desires to hang on to the past? What's waiting to be released in your life? What's hanker delinquent to be "put to death?" In what country must you obtain apprehension and wisdom? What must you clear out and move beyond so the great Phoenix of your personal fate may lift out of the ashes and fly?

What's your "hard?" Are you willing to make it and accomplish your ain greatness?

If your reply is a resonant "yes," then welcome to the Journey... It's an astonishing gift.

To your continued wealthiness and happiness,

James Chester A. Arthur Ray

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