Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Easy Emotional Health for Neurotics and Depressed People

Many people cannot understand why I spent 20 old age studying dreamings and the human behavior while curing many people who had respective psychological and existential jobs before presenting my work to the public.

I did it because through dreaming reading we can forestall and remedy depression, daftness and get rid of self-destructive tendencies, but dreaming reading is a process.

By continuing Carl Jung's research, I could see exactly what do daftness and how we can definitely forestall and remedy it. Irrespective of the type of disease, be it schizophrenia, psychosis, craze or neurosis, the individual can be cured, but with clip and many attempts from the patient.

Thus, besides the necessity to vouch the safety of my patients while they are in contact with their neglected psychological realm, I had to transform something complicated and clip permanent into a method that could be helpful for everyone and could give them positive consequences in a short clip period of time.

My solutions are practical and easy to understand because I'm not a cold man of science but a sensitive author who became a psychologist and head-shrinker with the ability to construe dreamings better than her wise man and I care for helping people first and not for awards in the scientific field.

Patients who endure from schizophrenia, psychosis and craze still necessitate psychotherapeutics that takes clip and they have got to work a lot, because everything depends on their cooperation. However, my method, which is an extension of Jung's work, salvages them clip and efforts. The clip required is far less by using my method of psychotherapy.

For psychoneurotic patients, which are the greatest portion of our "healthy" population, even if they don't acknowledge their psychical disease, psychotherapeutics is quite easy, takes only a few calendar calendar months and their emotional wellness is guaranteed.

Terror victims' depression and that of people who lost individual they loved very much tin be cured with time, but advancement is observed from the very first months of dreaming interpretation.

Depression is a state that tin Pb to craziness, even though it can be an dismay that volition aid the individual understand their errors and construct another life, with the sensitivities necessary for their existent happiness.

Post depression takes to daftness when the person gets doing unreasonable things owed to utmost depression.

Craziness starts with neuroticism and one begins to possess a secret character. It is the beginning of a drama. The psychoneurotic is afraid of everyone and starts caring too much for other people's opinion. Soon, he or she begins hiding something from their societal environment; this could be a unusual behavior or fear.

When psychotic or schizophrenic features get to appear, it intends that the procedure that started with neurosis, became psychosis or schizophrenia. The procedure is the same. This is why the psychoneurotic patient gets exhibiting the behavior of a schizophrenic in the beginning of the invasion of the anti-conscience into the human conscience.

I can supply the best dreaming interlingual renditions that I have got inferred, and I can fully comprehend the existent job you confront because I fought against the anti-conscience. Thanks to this cognition and experience, if you are in a procedure of pre-depression because you are very sad, you can be very easily cured, and forestall depression and craziness.

If you are already depressed, you can be cured and get emotional wellness in a very short clip period of time, before daftness imprisons you in its labyrinth.

If you are in a phase of post-depression, you can be easily guided back to psychical health. You will see an improvement in your emotional wellness in one calendar month after you begin interpreting your dreams. I can supply you my glossary of dreaming symbols, which you will happen in my book. It will assist you so much that you larn in lone 1 calendar month what usually takes a twelvemonth to understand, and you can immediately begin seeing advancement in your behavior and day-to-day life.

You begin feeling better and recognize that you have got many solutions. You are not alone; you have got the wise unconscious guiding you. Your intelligence starts increasing with all the information you begin receiving, with the comprehension you get of the human race where you are and with the comprehension of your internal world.

I caused a great hold in presenting my solutions to the world, so that you would not have got to additional hold determination alleviation and felicity using my method, which is an extension of Jung's method but is much easier to understand. I have got also presented respective practical solutions that the head-shrinker would not use, because scientific outlook cares too much for explanations, without lovingness about making things easier to use in day-to-day life.

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