Monday, February 4, 2008

Journey Into the Imagination - Traveling to the Land of Betwixt and Between

Betwixt and Between is a land of inspiration, and always near...

The land of Betwixt and Between is

the bounds of neither/nor,

the topographic point where physical objects touch, aura's blend and energy is transformed,

midnight, the betwitching hour,

the clip of neither twenty-four hours nor night

mysteriously both,

arriving unannounced,

like creativeness itself.

The topographic point of betwixt and between is

the magic, the mystery,

the kernel of creativity

when nothing

is what it seems

and everything is possible.

The clip of betwixt and between is

the waxing of the moon becoming

the waning of the moon becomingthe waxing of the moon.

Appearing full for three nights,

absolute comprehensiveness is only a moment,

then go throughs into

the land of betwixt and between.

What else is betwixt and between?

Fog, mist, clouds and all that is elusive,



shifting from something, disappearing into nothing

as elusive as creativeness itself.

Like dawning and dusk, it appears, fill ups us and is gone

without a trace.

Where else is the betwixt and between?

The water's edge

betwixt and between the shoreline and the horizon,

the air and sea

three human races coming together

air, water, and earth

changing, ebbing, flowing elusive.

Betwixt and between is that unseeable human race between

the moving ridge and the beach,

the fire and the log,

the root and the soil

the bud and the stem

the driblet of rainfall and the leaf

the new Earth's crust of snowfall and the old.

Can you go to these topographic points of betwixt and between?

Can you cognize the liquor that dwell therein?

Can you go forth your organic structure and come in the kernel of betwixt and between?

Can you wing free into wild creativity

that which is the kernel of life?

Light a taper and breath deeply.

Watch the rise and autumn of your breath.

Can you happen the betwixt and between in

the rise and autumn of your breath?

Breath deeply as you stare into the flame.

Can you direct your originative kernel inbetween the fire and wick?

What creativeness lies there?

Go to the topographic points of betwixt and between.

Fly free and come in possibility.

What stories, what escapades lie there?

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