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Depression, Diet, Menstruation and Weather

Depression is a common disease that impacts women twice as much as men. There are two kinds: unipolar and bipolar. The followers symptoms are associated with depression: inclination to withdraw, and or conceal from society, declining involvement in pleasance and hobbies, feelings of worthlessness, chronically sad and depressed, angry and irritable, or show no emotion at all, ideas of death, etc.
Most of these symptoms have got two things in common: coldness and failing via diet, menses (blood loss) and climate.

The chief gun trigger of depression is stress: physical, mental, social, etc. Most people manage mundane stress. Their bodies, heads set to the differing pressures. Are there anyone that is 100%, free from depression? No. Everyone acquires depressed, to one grade or another. It's normal, as one's energy surrogates between high and low. It is in modern times of low energy (includes heat, light) that one be givens to acquire depressed, some more than than others. Most people acquire depressed more than in the wintertime than any other clip of year. In winter, the years are shorter, darker and colder.

Depression, like all emotions are a mathematical function of energy. Too small energy be givens to depress, weaken, slow and weigh down the organic structure mind, causing it to go physically and mentally depressed. It takes energy to defeat depression just as it takes energy to go confidant.

Energy (and health) is the cardinal to overcoming depression. Unfortunately, most often, it is treated medically, chemically with stimulants, amphetamines. Methylphenidate is an pep pill that is commonly prescribed to speed, hook up children suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder. Chemical stimulants, drugs is one method, treatment to energize, heat, stimulate.

Depression, in traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is often referred to as a "cold" disease. Cold is a metaphor for weakness, low pressure energy, which is why it be givens to assail (1) women, (2) those feeding a long term low protein, low fat (milk, yogurt, bungalow cheese, beans, nuts and seeds) and high saccharide (pasta, bread, salads, natural vegetables, fruit, especially tropical, juices, etc.) diets and or (3) life in a cold climate.

The organic structure have three major beginning of energy: sun, diet (building nutrients) and sexual essence.

The sun not only energizes the earth, but also everyone on it. Person beingnesses are charged, stimulated by the sun's energy, heat, light, etc. There is less depression during the day, then at night, less during the springtime and summertime than autumn and winter, less in Sunshine State than in Seattle or the Pacific Ocean Northwest.

The environment is a major factor that tin have got a positive (hot) or negative (cold) consequence on depression. It can not always be controlled, which is why the adjacent factor is more than important: diet.

The organic construction digests, transforms food, foods into blood, into structure into function, into wellness or disease. There are only two sorts of nutrients, foods: edifice and cleansing. Building nutrients, nutrients (protein, fat, meat, eggs, chicken, cheese, beans, etc.) construct and combustible (in varying degrees) all construction and function. Cleaning nutrients, foods (water, sugar, minerals, fruits, vegetables, grains, etc. reduce, cleanse, cool and moisten.

The right amount of edifice and cleaning foods, nutrients constructs and keeps the right amount of construction and function, where the organic structure head can thrive. any amounts, greater or less, in the extreme, weaken, sicken and hurting via too much or too small blood, construction and function.

Too small building, protein and fat, in the extreme, be givens to weaken, deject the organic structure mind, especially in women, children and those life in a cold, dampish climate. Women menstruate, lose blood, three to seven old age every calendar month from the first menses, menarche up until menopause, 30+ years. Many women be given to eat low protein, low fat and high saccharide which is great for losing weight, extra energy, etc. but not for edifice blood, energy, etc. It is difficult to be confident happy when you are physically weak, blood, protein and fat deficient. Women (menstruation) and children (underdeveloped) be given to be weak and cold, especially if they dwell in a cold clime and or eat a cold, dampish (low protein, low fat and high carbohydrate) diet.

The followers diet, repast program (2-3 modern times per day, preferably breakfast and lunch) can be used to build, energize and heat.

1/3 Protein and Fat (red meat, eggs, chicken, turkey, beans, etc.)

1/3 Grain (rice, barley, noodles, bread, etc.)

1/3 Vegetables, cooked (3-5), cabbage, kale, broccoli, onions, celery, difficult squash, etc; fruit (1)

Spices (cardamon, cumin, coriander, fennel, turmeric, cayenne, ginger, etc.) are hot, stimulating

Tea, soup

Decrease milk, yogurt, bungalow cheese, salads, natural vegetables, tropical fruits, juices and cold drinks

If down with high blood pressure, high cholesterin arteriosclerosis, cirrhosis, etc. then cut down protein and fat, especially animal. Depression can also be caused by at bay energy.

There are three neurotransmitters (dopamine, 5-hydroxytryptamine and nor-epinephrine) that affect the mind, mood. Serotonin eases tension, Dopastat and norephidrine stimulate. Low degrees of 5-hydroxytryptamine Pb to depression, anxiousness and slumber disorder. Serotonin is produced by the aminic acid, tryptophan. Complex saccharides are high in tryptophan, increasing the degree of serotonin, relaxation, have lulling affect High protein nutrients (animal) advance the production of Dopastat and norephidrine, alertness.

Depression, like all emotions, is a mathematical function of energy. Those with energy be given to acquire depressed less than those without. Poor diet (low protein, low fat, high sugar, etc.) is one cause. Lack of exercising is another. Building foods, cooked nutrients (soups, stews, etc.) and spices addition heat, energy and movement.

It is only when people experience that they are stuck, trapped with a bad event, thought, relationship, etc. that they go depressed and or angry. It is only when they travel or take that blockage, thought, event that they experience better. Protein and fat, cooked foods, spices, exercise, etc. move energy, substance, obstruction as make alcohol, smoking, caffeine, etc. Most everyone takes some kind of "drug" to alleviate depression. This is normal because most people are somewhat depressed, angry, sad, etc. We make not dwell in a perfect world, which is why so many people drink, smoke, acquire angry, etc. to travel stuck energy and or substance. It is only when they eat well, exercising regularly that they cut down drinking, smoking, etc. arsenic they are no longer that down that they have got to ache their organic structures via inordinate drug, alcoholic beverage use.

Unipolar depressive episodes happen respective modern times throughout a person's life. Bipolar begins out as depression but comes on into every other time periods of depression and mania, which is why bipolar is called manic depressive.

Depression have many different symptoms, the bulk of which bespeak stagnancy or lack of energy. The inclination to withdraw, and or conceal from society, declining involvement in pleasance and hobbies, feelings of worthlessness, chronically sad and down are all symptoms of deficiency, deficiency of energy.

For more than information about diet, nutrition, wellness and disease, delight read Hot and Cold Health

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Depression is not a disease that is confined to the human race alone. Its area of functioning also extends to the animal kingdom. Horses are particularly much prone to depression as compared to the other animals. The lack of a sexual partner is one pre dominant cause that drives horses to depression. Well, in this case, even the human beings can be driven to depression! Luckily for us we have depression cures.

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