Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Human-Nature Connection

Naturalists and do-gooders have got a regard for nature and humans, respectively - and, in most lawsuits (I suspect), for each other. I was contemplating on all the ways in which nature and world are alike, and decided to set them in a list. It goes more than hard to take things for given when you expose your deeper thoughts, and set them on paper (or on a computing machine screen). In the end the procedure arouses a echt gratitude.

Once I started writing, more than ideas came. I could compose a series of books on this subject. So below is a partial listing (more to come) of the human-nature connexion that I am sincerely thankful for:

Our Desire To Communicate

I read an article in the BBC magazine, Wildlife, about how certain works communicate. It was discovered after a spot of observation that some works (including strawberries and clover), pass on through a vegetable-based telephone line. This life cablegram is created from these works and turns and spreadings over the land in a vicinity network. Messages can be spreading about enemies in their mist. Their friends and relations will be warned about intrusive insects, caterpillars, etc. - A natural dismay system at work.

Humans desire to pass on is more than apparent. Our demand is so great that we have got expanded ways to make so in a more than efficient manner. Cell phones, blackberries, textual matter messaging and electronic mails are more than common now than having a good ol' person-to-person conversation. Sadly, the practical transition looks to have got overtaken the human-human conversation. Sad, because the benefit of a true deeper connexion is lost.

Our Vulnerability

Part of the communicating system involving the natural web I mentioned that certain works have, have a down-side as well. If one of the works on the web acquires contaminated by a virus or a bug (or something else) - the other works involved with the web will be infected, as well. Besides this example, all life things in nature are vulnerable if adequate H2O or sun is not available - God's creative activities will go weak if nature's rhythms go unbalanced, and they will eventually decease if not corrected.

Nature is most certainly vulnerable in another manner - by the destructive action of the human. Forest fire, deliberate or accidental is one way. There are many more. Many actions stem from the dark side of the human when he is possessed with greed. Sections of the human race known as Green Belts (protected/lush/natural areas) are becoming less and less. The edifice of houses and concerns have taken their place. More attention necessitates to be in topographic point when enlargement is needed. World and our demand to link with nature must be a constituent in decision-making.

This Pbs into how world are vulnerable. Of course, we are all familiar with this. Everyday many of us wake up with uncertainty. We cognize the issues - the unstable economy, rising wellness care, high unemployment rate, planetary warming, rising gas prices, the down lodging market, etc. - all illustrations which set our resoluteness to remain strong and positive to the test. As human beingnesses we are also vulnerable to disease. We may have got the best wellness attention in the human race here in the United States, but as I mentioned, we are then vulnerable economically - many tin not afford the cost for the "best".

In an attempt to stop on a positive note, I desire to offer a nature-human connection that volition leave of absence with a pleasant and joyful feeling. This is the concluding manner (for today) that we are alike with nature:

Our Inner Purity

Before the leaf blade of grass was even a seed it was a idea in our Creator's mind. Once this piece of nature was here in our stuff human race it settled in comfortably as the low seed; it grew, lived and breathed. It's pure intent was to be a vas for Source's love to flow. Whether it is a flower, a lemon tree, or a bougainvillea vine - these originative life things are gifts. When we take to clip to detect them and appreciate what they have got to offer, it enlivens our spirit. The manner these gifts touching us is a hint that we are akin spirits.

When we acknowledge the pureness in nature, we are acknowledging the pureness in ourselves. This pureness is more than evident when we acquire caught up in the unabashed smiling of an baby or witnesser a immature child's human face while playing with a puppy. It may be hard when we travel through the challenges of life (accumulating our armour), to swear that we have got retained any of this innocence. But, the truth is the pureness of God's idea (his idea that created us) is the same in us as the leaf blade of grass. And we were created for the same intent - to supply a vehicle for originative spirit to flourish. Trust that it is there and who you are - your pureness and beauty will reflect through just as clearly as the sun rising over the horizon.

I will provide more than similarities such as as these in future articles. There are many, and each rates to be fleshed out, so that the connexion is not missed. Just as we used a microscope in High School Biology to bring out item we couldn't see with bare eye, we necessitate to see how our milieu can unveil more than of their enigmas to us. Awareness takes the manner to understanding. And from there, life have more than meaning. It goes a whole batch more fun, as well.

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