Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How To Beat Procrastination - Don't Get Caught In The "Why?" Trap Or You'll Always Procrastinate

Wanted: Procrastination - Creativity Killer!

Procrastination is the elusive fine fine art of convincing yourself that any figure of fiddling undertakings are suddenly the most pressing and of import things in the human race and must be done before you acquire down to creating.

The job is, it's such a elusive art, much of the clip you won't realise you're level doing it. You'll gull yourself that checking your electronic mail again for the one-tenth clip in the last hour, and rearranging your paintbrushes into order by the day of the month you bought them is the most pressing and productive usage of your clip right now.

So, the first measure to overcoming cunctation is to acknowledge that you make procrastinate.

It's a important step, but it's just the beginning. So what's the adjacent measure to take to beat out procrastination?

Here's the typical logical attack we usually follow: "OK, I acknowledge it, I procrastinate when I really could be creating. To halt procrastinating Iodine demand to work out WHY I'm doing it. Once I've got the reply I'll halt procrastinating!"

On the surface this sounds a reasonable approach. But it doesn't work. In fact it takes to even MORE procrastination.

Here's what happens: "So why might I be procrastinating? It could be because I'm overwhelmed by originative undertakings and don't cognize where to start. Or because I don't experience I have got any good thoughts to develop right now? Maybe it's because I'm at a really ambitious phase of this chief undertaking and don't desire to messiness up. Or is it because deep down I don't really experience I'm talented at all, so I don't rate to be creating?"

There's jump to be an component of truth in all of these grounds or you wouldn't have got come up up with them. But by listing and analysing every possible ground why you might be procrastinating, all you do is make it more than than likely that you'll procrastinate.

"With all these grounds why I procrastinate it's a miracle I ever acquire ANY creating done" travels the line of thought, and you stop up feeling more flooded and creating even less.

So what's the alternative? What adjacent measure can you take to beat out cunctation that WILL work?

The secret is not to concentrate on the WHY, but instead to look at the WHEN and the HOW.

Once you begin to detect WHEN you're most likely to procrastinate, and HOW you're most likely to procrastinate - your favourite, tried and tested cunctation wonts - you set yourself in a very strong and informed position.

By knowing when and how you procrastinate you can be more than aware of these danger modern times and wonts and avoid them. In fact more than than avoid them, you can acquire to instead replace them with more positive and originative habits.

Don't get caught in the "Why?" trap, or you'll be forever stuck in destructive procrastinating habits.

Take those first stairway to whipping cunctation today.

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